Support for Families

Hidden Voices UK consist of individuals from different background with a range of skills. One of the objectives is to support families that are currently being investigated in safeguarding procedures in relation to FGM.

If Children’s Services receive information (called ‘a referral’) from a member of the public or another professional (such as a teacher or doctor) which makes them suspect that your child may not be safe and well cared for, they must make enquiries to find out if this is true. These enquiries are called ’child protection enquiries’ or ’a child protection investigation’. The aim is for Children’s Services to gather information about your child’s circumstances and to decide whether they should take any action to keep your child safe and promote his/her welfare

It is well known within our work in supporting families, that have experienced such investigations, there was no credible evidence but assumption’s based on discriminatory safeguarding FGM guidelines. Most families have been referred by safeguarding officials following:

  • Families informing the school that they are going on holiday
  • Suspicion because the girl is spending time in the toilet
  • Racial Profiling
  • Targeted community

We aim to support families in understanding their rights in relation to these investigations and to make sure that the rule of law is applied when families are investigated.

Please contact us  if you require any support.