Aims and Objectives

To challenge the sensationalist “anti-FGM” narrative and its destructive impact on targeted families and communities.


To let the public hear the true voices of circumcised women and their communities which have been suppressed by biased and extremist campaigning in media and political circles.

To provide advice and support to families who are subject to child protection investigations resulting from suspicions that girls have been or are at risk of being cut.

To campaign for an end to the racial profiling and targeting of families and communities for unjustified interventions by social services and other public agencies.

To campaign for the abandonment of non-consensual mandatory recording and the restoration of normal patient confidentiality and respect, so that circumcised women do not suffer discrimination on the basis of their history.

To encourage respect and cultural sensitivity for circumcised women through abandonment of the offensive and degrading terminology "Mutilation / FGM".