Bristol Campaign


In February 2018 a Bristol Somali Father was acquitted at Bristol Crown Court. An innocent father was accused of allowing his six-year old daughter to undergo (female circumcision) has been acquitted. Judge Lambert described the medical evidence as “wholly inconclusive at its highest”. He also said the account of the key witness – an anti FGM campaigner – was “inconsistent”

Shortly after the Bristol case families from the Somali Community had disclosed that many of them were being racially profiled and stigmatized by the “Bristol Safeguarding Policy”.  As a result local councilors were contacted and several events were done by the newly formed group “Somali Parents against Stigmatization”. Community meetings were in Bristol regarding the unfair treatment of families being stereotyped at airports, being made to sign a undertaking document that they would not circumcise their daughters.

Bristol Somali Community Panel discuss the effects of the “Bristol Safeguarding Model” and its impact on being racially profiled.

Community Activist – Zainab Nur – Social Worker giving a presentation on the historical history of the Anti FGM movement and the involvement of the community activism that took place to eradicate this practice.

Professionals discussing the impact of the safeguarding policy that has targeted the Somali Community